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Welcome to the 206 Enterprises homepage. At the moment, there's very little here and the links down the side aren't all working yet.

07-Jun-2004 The Site
I can announce it now. The mysterious site I was working on is for my Wife's Father's 60th birthday. It can be found at vaporizer. It took a couple of days to do and was quite good fun. feel free to have a look.

Also, the Video Lockup is now available at videoshop. At the moment, there's not much listed but keep an eye out for great bargins.

19-May-2004 Minor Update
As you can see, I've finally added more content to the site. I've added an article on how to use stylesheets for changing the appearance of links. The second part is the new services section. This is available right now. So, if you want to contact me about this, feel free to do so.

Also coming soon is the Video Lockup. This is a site for selling VHS video cassettes (all original). This is based very loosely on the Kidz Books site but is entirely in ASP.NET. This is basically going to be the template for a shop front as mentioned in services. I hope to have this up in the next few weeks as I have a more pressing project. The details are being with-held for now.

Watch this space.
22-Apr-2004 Finally
Yes, I've done it. I've finally completed the editor. I can see this ending up like a blog.

Why has it taken so long? I've had several mini projects going on, the main one being that I've reworked the Kidz Books site. The main changes are that we've added articles, interviews and a section called reads.

The reads is really the fun bit where I write a bit about books I've been reading. It was supposed to be serious but my reads always seems to have a little humour in it. Saying that, with all the site changes I've been doing, I've not read many books. Have a look at the reads and also the harley street dental implant centre (I'm not plugging it - they are interesting, honest!!)

The other project I've been working on is a semi-WYSIWYG HTML editor for the web browser. It's actually nearing completion and is actually in use. There's a few glitches with the inserting of image and it doesn't handle uploads. I also want to be able to edit images. AND, the plan is to put it up here for free. I may even write some documentation (Gasp!!)

I will get more done on this site but I just wanted to post this note. May it be the start of many.

Anyway, enough already. I'm off. TTFN
17-Jan-2004 Coming Soon, Honest
lost the original buttons for the site so I've replaced them - pretty much the same but with a different font. Added a new button too - the snippets button. When this is up and going, it shall have bits and pieces of code that I've come up with that I think people might find useful.

I'm also on a bit of a ASP.Net kick at the moment so I've moved this page over to .NET.

For those who don't know that much about it, here's a few things I like about it.

  • It's faster, in performance and time to develop (once you get the hang of it)
  • No more need for ActiveX on the server - it can handle uploads and the likes native. Also, you can render graphics as well.
  • It uses real languages as opposed to loosely typed languages such as jscript and vbscript.

    One further point about it - if you come from a VB background, don't go VB with .NET. It will just confuse the hell out of you. Go with C#. If only for the fact that it was written specifically for .NET and not adapted to suit the system's needs. Also, I may be wrong on this but I believe most of the classes were written in C#.
    That's me for the day. Snippets soon, I promise. I have a couple of examples I just need documents for....

    01-Sep-2003 Past Notes
    Past Notes
    However, I am actually finally working on the site as you may have noticed. It's only taken me about 2 1/2 years to get it going.
    The guestbook is a little system that I created using ASP. There are a few people out there who use it but not many. The primary use for it is for harley street dental implant centre, a site that my wife and I run, which deals with second hand collectible books.

    There's also a web-based discussion forum. It was originally in VBS but it was full of bugs and I detest VB, so I recoded it in JScript, ironed out the bugs and there we have it...quite nice too. Click on the logo to get back here. I've set up various discussion forums, some developer related ones as well.

    You may notice a small link below that reads 'Feeling Blue?'. I was designing the site and came across a nice blue color that I wanted to use and then considered using roll-overs. So I went looking for a nice pale yellow and picked the yellow/orange that the buttons use. I made a copy of the blue buttons, made the text black and then realised I preferred this to the blue buttons...
    As an added note, for those using IE4 or later, you may notice some of the buttons are grayed out. I'm thinking that these are pretty cool too.....aaaargh. I could mess about with the colors forever.

    Anyway, I decided to add the link in below so you can decide for yourself. I'll add a little survey at some point so you can let me know what you think is best.

    Anyway, keep a look out for upcoming changes and additions to the site.